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That is an old dvd that used to be available but the mother stopped selling it for privacy, I think. So may be hard to find. Probably your best bet would be something like a birth center resource library or similar. 
Yeah I am international so it can get pretty high!
Where do you go for your supplies? I know about In His Hands, are there any other good ones??? 
Did you UC them, or are you still pregnant? 
My views of minimalism became much more embedded and 'extreme' when we were about to go traveling (about 8 months ago). And I was so inspired by watching youtube videos of permanent travelers (people who live on the road so to speak) who showed exactly what they owned and how they fit their entire lives into one backpack for example. I also liked seeing things like when people only owned X number of things and showed photos of every item. I guess I work better visually...
We never have had a dining table. Since I left home, never. And feel free to hack my threads      Australian houses really don't have two separate dining areas like the ones in the US seem to. It's either in the kitchen or in a dining space next to the kitchen (generally opening on to the living room). From what I have seen US ones seem to have a separate dining room and an area for more casual dining near the kitchen. Why anyone would need TWO dining tables in one...
Certain areas we have more than one of things. Like clothes, we have more than one pair of pants each, or socks, underwear etc. Or cloth wipes. But as far as household items and things, most things we only have one. In the kitchen, the only thing there is more than one of would be cutlery, plates and bowls. We have 3 saucepans but one is small, medium and large so suit different purposes. One set of sheets. A bathrobe each (no towels at all). My kids have two pairs of...
I came up with the term 'Essentialism' for what I do- having in my life only what I feel is essential. I was excited it was a real word, but unfortunately didn't mean what I wanted it to mean 
I hesitated to post a reply, because for me it is more a frame of mind, a way of being, than any set convictions or reasons. So it is something that is difficult for me to completely explain, even to myself   It's more who I AM, rather than what I DO and why I do it. BUT, if I had to give tangible reasons:   - I love having less. I love having only what I can use, see, have out, wear out. This past year I have had one pair of shoes. One. I chose a nice pair that suited...
Thanks, will check it out 
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