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When we needed a mattress and were strapped for cash we got a new 4wd camping mattress. It was self inflating, but half-foam and half inflatable. So if you got a hole in it it was still extremely thick and comfy. I slept on this for a year and it was the comfiest mattress I have ever owned! You have to get the proper quality ones, not a plain air mattress- they are horrible. They are pricey just for camping, but compared to spring and bed mattresses they are SO cheap. I...
We are starting back at scratch in regards to furniture and I love the feeling that we can only bring in the essentials this time and nothing else! I love having lots of space and very little furniture. I was just curious what furniture and appliances others think is essential.   If you are a very minimalist person what do you have now? If you're just and aspiring minimalist, what would be in your ideal dream home if it was completely minimalist?   So far we...
Thanks, I don't think I will worry about it in that case    I saw on Youtube you can wrap two babies either in one wrap or two. Anyone know of any other ways to carry two at a time easily?? Or even better, three 
Okay they didn't have the newborn insert when my son was born so I am not sure exactly how they work/attach etc. It looks like a cocoon kind of thing and the Ergo's are pretty wide, so just wondering if there is a way to put two of them inside and carry two babies when they are tiny  ???   Thanks Mamas! 
I have heard sometimes it can be an echo or the placenta and not a second heartbeat, so maybe it is that you are hearing. Hope it works out the way you want either way :) 
Zapzipzeee- Did you end up finding out if it was twins??
StephieLou, if you haven't already maybe try asking over on triplet connection as I am sure plenty of the moms there have been through similar things.   I thought ultrasounds were routinely unreliable about actual sizes/weights? But I am certainly no expert... :)
We didn't seal up the floorboards themselves, rather the gap between the floorboards and the skirting boards around the whole room. For this we used a type of plaster that is designed for large cracks. It came in a squeeze out tube. You can buy it and mix yourself which is cheaper but I was way too lazy to try hehe. My dad told me to use silicone along them since it is more flexible for when the floorboards expand but I tried this and it was very difficult to do and the...
New Posts  All Forums: