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YAY!!!  And congrats on your new baby! 
Calliope84 Oh my goodness that is BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like such a calm relaxing place to sit with her and play. I love the simplicity/minimalism and the decor style. I love the decals as well! Never realized they were PVC (have some on my wishlist ;)- but I think they are good because the room is minimally furnished otherwise it would look really bare. You could always just remove a few- but personally I think it looks great. 
Yeah of course. People should definitely be free to identify themselves how they feel comfortable. I hate the 'where are they from'/'what race are they' questions too. Unfortunately people are curious and it's usually the first thing I get asked about my kids- at least it's usually said after 'they are so cute' LOL. And I know that people don't mean anything by it. I'm often curious about the background of other people's kids at the park and such too- though I don't ask....
I think Miro is really cute! Kingston is a bit trendy for me (Gwen Stefani) but does go nicely together. 
Actually it was about how to describe your kids when someone asks you about their background. In my case I am a different racial background to my kids and it makes me uncomfortable to perpetuate the use of certain words so I came here looking for alternatives.   In Australia. In a derogatory way. Thus why Half makes me so uncomfortable- its a shortened form of half-caste, well that is how it comes across.   Ah okay, this wasn't clear from your previous posts. It seemed...
If you are going to address someone using a racial term then yes, you should probably know whether that term is considered derogatory in their country/culture. 
The problem is not the word itself, more the backwards idea that because something doesn't bother me I should continue to call people that because I don't feel the word has power. The 'N' word doesn't have power in my life, and I have heard plenty of African American people identify themselves using that word, but that doesn't mean I would ever use it to refer to another human being because I know it is offensive and hurts others- just cause it doesn't hurt me (being...
It doesn't really matter if you give the words power yourself, or what race you are, it only matters whether those words have the potential to cut someone else deeply. Or undermine any progress made towards moving away from racial discrimination. Its not about not offending yourself, its about not offending others. Or choosing to be racist because that kind of stuff doesn't bother *you*, it bothers others. And words can hurt. If you know that a term is considered...
DaisyO how do you pronounce it?
I know an adult Wren- though I think she may spell it Ren, but not sure. So it doesn't seem so unusual to me :)
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