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I have not posted here forever but I have an open house coming up so that we can sell our home so here goes, Today I Will Clean toilets Clean bathroom sinks Wash cloth diapers So far I have Made breakfast Listed some things for sale Put away a load of laundry Vaccumed living room
So far to day I have: -dropped off a carrier for consignment   I still need to -drop off cd laundry at my sister's (washing machine broke) -deposit a cheque and pay some bills -clean small bathroom toilet and sink -clean small bathroom floor and baseboards -tidy kitchen -pick up cd laundry -list 2 more items for sale -vaccum living room
Well my 19mos old didnt nap all day at work, fell asleep at 5pm and has now been up since 330, and I didn't get ANYTHING done on yesterday's list, so here goes today's -CD laundry wash/hang/put away -15 minute cleaning session in dining/crafting/homeschooling/hoarders anonymous room -drop off a charity bag -15 minute cleaning session in dining/crafting/homeschooling/hoarders anonymous room (another one to make up for yesterdays non-doing) =list bassinette and...
Well I got almost all of my list completed yesterday :) yay. Today I am working outside of the home and bringing my 19mos old DS with me all day, so I feel if I can get through the day, that will be an accomplishment in itself lol.  But here are a few things I would like to get done today: -load of CD laundry -15minutes of tidying in dining/craft/homeschool/hoarders anonymous room -clean toilet and sinks in upstairs bathroom -fix the mistake I made in a pair of...
I got rid of some books to charity and a few things to a friend, bringing my total to 43 (but that DEFINITELY  doesn't take into account what comes in........)
Given to a friend -her old textbook -pair of pants for her niece   -4 more books went to charity and -10 more items to consignment so 16 more items today 27 +16 = 43/2012
To do today -tidy kitchen -clean kitchen floors -list a few items for sale on kijiji/fb/craigslist etc -vaccum living room -clean small bathroom -hang diaper laundry -cook supper AND -put away a box of XMAS decorations -clear bedside tables in our room -get 20 items ready for consignment -drop off a charity bag   Bejeweled - Living in a place where opening the windows is on the list sounds fantastic, it is currently -18 F where I live
I would also like to join this , we need to move this summer and are considering buying a house so I have some debt to get rid of CC and student loan while DH has no debt.  I have TMM but I had leant it to my mum, I will get it back from her tonight.  My goal is to pay off $8000 worth of credit card debt in the next 8 months, with a combination of my present job, selling things and getting another part-time job. I really am excited to get started though. Selling stuff...
I will join this one as well since I failed miserably at 2011 in 2011 but I do hope that I can get 2012 in 2012 which is why I will start with 100/month .  I like the idea of subtracting what comes in so that I really am getting more stuff out of the house than in.  I am going to start with the kids closets this afternoon! And I already did 27 itemsw over the weekend :)  
This weekend I bagged up 20 items for consignment and dropped them off Found 5 toys that were ready to go to Charity broken Xmas ornamnets (2)   This afternoon I am going to make a list of the things that I can sell so that I can declutter and put money in our savings for our new house which we will require this summer. and go through all of the baby clothes bins and see what else I can pull out for consignment :)   so far, 27 items out of 2012
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