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I know you can make those rugs that you use a latch hook to tie on the fabric. I THINK you get some backing from the fabric store and you just use the latch hook to make a knot with the fabric? I am not exactly sure how to do it so maybe someone else would know?...
Quote: Originally Posted by frogger use the fabric to make a doll sling or pouch for your little one. I think that is an EXCELLENT idea! My children can't get enough of their toy slings!
I have a Kozy and a freehand and love them both! Both are extremely well made and both owners of those companies are very nice
I did rely on breastfeeding as birth control, until I got pregnant, lol. So no, I would not rely soley on it.
FREE sling to the next 100 customers! See store for details. The Pretty Momma Sling is adored by thousands of mothers worldwide. Each sling is crafted with expertise and attention to detail. Our number one priority is to provide comfort to your child as well as to you, the loving parent. We have vibrant patterns designed from 100% ORGANIC and HEMP fabrics! This means your baby won't be wrapped in material that has been saturated in yucky herbicides, fungicides, or...
I think I have heard that rinsing them in vinegar is a natural fabric softener, so maybe adding a little to the rinse cycle? If I am wrong, someone please correct me!!
You can look online for a NINO group and hopefully there is one in your area. Most times, they have lots of slings you can try on/borrow and that will give you a taste of what brand/style you like the most before purchasing.
In my experience, white solarveil is the softest, black the roughest, so if you are worried about the roughness, I would go with the white.
Quote: Originally Posted by quietserena We didn't change anything. What we got, baby got too. She was dressed one layer more than we were though and sometimes swaddled. Exactly what she said
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