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Is there a natural parenting place, like Mothers and Co., in the Boston area?  
At 16 weeks 5 days a prenatal massage therapist placed her hand on my belly and said she felt the baby move, and move a lot.  I, however, haven't felt (or seen!) anything yet.
Hi, I am 13 weeks pregnant and have have been having bad low pack pain for a couple of weeks now.  I tried and a great massage therapist and a great accupunturist, neither of which helped.  Can anyone recommend a chiropractor or another type of body worker in the Cambridge area?  
I am looking for a childbirth education class in the Cambridge area.  I won't need it until the fall, but I am starting to do some research.  I prefer to not go to a hospital-based class, or one that contracts with the hospitals (like Isis).  Thank you.
I am an RN, pregnant with my first, and am planning to be a SAHM.  I work in an ICU, and am not thrilled with the idea of being away from my little one in a stressful environment for long days and nights.  I have thought about becoming an IBCLC.  Do I need to work on a post-partum unit in order to get the necessary hours to become a IBCLC?  When I do go back, I am especially not interested in doing nights.  I am also interested in community and public health nursing....
I will be 35 when the baby is born.  EDD 12/7/11.  DH will be 38.  This is our first.  I had an early m/c in January.  I am 12 weeks today.  We're keeping the sex a surprise!  I have been married 6 years, but felt strongly I wanted to wait to have a child until important other things were in place: what city to live in, to finish school, etc.  Because of my miscarriage and because of my age, I do feel anxiety!  I wish it wasn't so!  
Having grown up in Cambridge, attended the Cambridge public schools, and because I live there now and plan on sending my children to the public schools, I have to say Cambridge, but of course Brookline is great, too.  Cambridge's public schools are high quality, with an active school committee and active parents.  Cambridge has one of the highest per pupil expenditures in the state.  There is an amazing assortment of elementary schools, each with a different focus or...
While the restrictions have gotten tighter in Philadelphia, I know of a wonderful OB there who regularly serves as back-up to home birth midwives.  I don't know the arrangement she has with her hospital.  Is there someone similar in Boston?  Feel free to send me a private message, if you wish.
I am looking for information on the Cambridge Birth Center and The Midwives at Mount Auburn Hospital.  For first-time moms who plan a natural childbirth, which place has a higher success rate for natural childbirth?  Finding out this information is complicated given that a lot of moms who go to Mt. Auburn don't plan on a natural childbirth; also, many moms who start at the Birth Center transfer to Cambridge Hospital.  
I grew up in the Cambridge public schools in the 1980s, live in Cambridge now, but don't have children (yet) in the Cambridge schools.  There was a big reorg of the elementary schools several years ago.  A plan to consolidate the upper grades (6-8) into only four elementary schools (each which now is K-8) has been brewing for a long time due to low enrollment of those grades, and may happen with the new Superintendent.   A note about Tobin:  the Montessori curriculum...
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