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I think about all of the amazing good I could do with all that knowledge, but all the terrible sadness over things like what PP mentioned, knowing about every bad thing that was happening every moment and being powerless to stop it. There would also be terrible frustration over knowing what was going to happen to people because of their choices, but being unable to convince them that they should choose something else. And also that human relationships would really work...
DH and I did this last night:   If you could know everything there is to know (be completely omniscient), but you could never be happy again, would you do it?   I'll let everyone else answer before I post my conclusion.
I'm happy for snuggle time with DS while DD is sleeping. I'm happy the snow has melted on the back porch enough for me to clean the rat's cage (poor dears :(). I'm happy for a marriage that seems to be going better and better these days. I'm happy that therapy is working and my anxiety is not ruling my life anymore and I can cope with it when it comes up. I'm happy that my mom and I are getting better at communicating.   My life is going really well right now.
Aw, hugs mama. You're right, it really isn't fair. Every child is special, and you deserved a big congratulations and tears of joy too.
LImette, I also loved the idea of extending it out to the end of the month. We aren't really practicing Catholics anymore, but I loved the traditions of St. Nicholas day and epiphany. We always talked about the three kings and did a little gift on epiphany. I don't know if I could extend us out that far or if everyone will be sick of Christmas by then.
Oh, beautiful, limette! I wanted to do this last year, but I didn't get to it. I've got my list ready this year, but I don't have anything to use to put them all in. My mom has a lovely calendar that she made years ago, and I'm not sure if she's using it or not. I might ask if we can borrow it this year just so that I don't have to come up with something in such a hurry.   Thanks for all the great ideas! I love the idea of doing a walk and hanging up a bird feeder on...
MSG is a big no-no for me. Is there a list of products somewhere that contain it if it's not mentioned on the label?  
I've seen business travel mentioned, but what about visiting your family? What about going to a funeral? You can bet that if my mother lived a plane flight away and she died that I would want to be there to say goodbye. This isn't about people giving up having fun to "protect the country", this is about giving up quality of life. No one should have to choose between their personal integrity and not being able to attend a beloved family member's funeral.
I still haven't quite found a fix for this one myself. I have IBS and eating junk is a sure fire way for me to be in the bathroom the entire next day. It really is a hill for me to die on, and I'm a pick-your-battles type as well. Luckily, my MIL is diabetic and has taken to cooking differently since I've known her, and she also loves trying new recipes, so I give her the "less weird" ones that fit more with what I eat. I also offer to bring things like whole wheat flax...
Agreed. DH and I don't have the same standards for laundry, but he is capable too. The only reason he doesn't do it is because he hates it, and I hate dishes, so we swapped.   But I agree that for most men, it's because their clothes are either all cotton or dry clean only. They never needed to know how to launder lingerie, nylons, bras, silky shirts, cloth pads, etc. We solved most of that problem by me not using anything fancy, but I will set things aside if they need...
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