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I think the "it's on the porch" deal is a problem when people just say "It's on the porch, whoever gets here first can have it" instead of taking responses and making an appointment to have it picked up by a specific person. One list I joined explained it like this: having a bunch of people waste gas driving over for one item (that only one of them will end up getting) is not in keeping with the conservation mindset of Freecycle's founder.
Oo. Good point, 80.
It sounds to me like you are uncomfortable with this for good reasons. There have been many subtle cues that she's manipulative (contacting your DH instead of you, and the crap about the hug, are two good examples), doesn't respect your choices very much (the Diet Coke thing) and blows off your concerns (the cats). I don't think I'd be too comfortable leaving my kids alone with her either. And the pressure to do it just because she wants to be alone with them is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Marsupialmom My next question why does grandma only have to be a babysitter when you need he be? When it is most convenient for you, rather than what might be more convenient for her. Um, because they're her kids? It's her family? She has a, I don't know, a life? Seriously, this is just such a bizarre question. Since when does giving birth to someone's grandchildren require her to give up considerations for her...
And remember, no matter what you put up with, his day at work could ALWAYS have been worse
Quote: They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing their part. BWAAAAAAHHHHHHH! : Scuse me, gotta run -- my little treasures are clawing and screaming at each other.
If your local shelter doesn't usually have them, you could try www.petfinder.com. Or Google "rabbit adoption yourtown" or "rabbit rescue yourtown". If the supply of rescued rabbits in your town is real thin, Google for a larger town near you, because someone in the rescue community there will probably be able to direct you to a small local group.
I hear ya. A couple years ago my landlords came by for an inspection and noticed I had a bucket of apples in the laundry room. I'd picked the apples and they were waiting to be turned into applesauce and canned (which I hadn't been able to do because I was getting ready for their stoopid inspection! ). Anyway, one apple on the top was getting kinda brown and squooshy and there were a couple fruit flies, which the landlord pointed out, so I took and threw the squooshy...
Thanks, A&A!
I've never had henna stain my tub either, and my tub has the enamel corroded from overuse of bleach so *everything* stains it IYKWIM. The henna won't react with the metal in your sink. I use metal utensils all the time to stir my henna. I know someone who wraps her henna'ed head in foil. I tried the bucket, last time I did a cassia treatment, but as my hair is longer than the bucket is deep, it got horribly tangled. I've seen people recommend to fill the tub, lie down...
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