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We do have "positive" stereotypes though. The smart (or hard-working) Asian, the athletically gifted black man, the earthy, sexy, intuitive Latina, and the wise, spiritual Native American are ones that spring to mind. And yup, "Xx ethnicity is SO HOT" is pretty ojectifying too, I think.
Please please PLEASE I'm beggin ya can we PLEASE say "Mother Blessing" or "Birth Blessing" instead of co-opting the term Blessingway? Unless you are Dine? Thank you
Thanks for the link Selu! Like Roeper's a major eye-candy catch himself Ya ever notice how most of these guys screaming about "unattractive" women wouldn't come within a mile of their own standards if the shoe were on the other foot? Yup, welcome to the patriarchy. Even if you're fat, balding, pimply, wrinkled and/or just generally fugly, you're entitled to yer free serving of babes. Because you're a MAN dammit.
It may be helpful, as you go through whatever process you go through with this, to couch it in terms of her racist statements that made you uncomfortable. People are highly resistant to being labaled, or labeling someone else, as "racist" or "a racist" because they see racists as being these scary creatures that burn crosses on lawns. You and I know that this isn't true -- nice, friendly, ordinary people can make horribly racist statements, as we see so often right...
Yup, it's racist. And so are a lot of the replies about "physical characteristics", because they assume and imply that all black people share certain physical characteristics beyond the color of their skins, which is a ridiculous supposition.
The shampoos you list are all detergent shampoos, and just so you know, the brand name really doesn't mean anything -- I don't know what specific detergent is in Dove, for example, but it's perfectly likely to be the harshest one available and I guarantee you it has a cocktail of potentially irritating ingredients just like every other shampoo on the shelf. Your scalp could very well be irritated by the detergents, or the fragrances, colors and/or foaming agents in these...
Holy crap, I am a partnered SAHM who knows how to cook a hell of a lot of stuff and even *I* don't have the wherewithal to consistently make our freakin' bread from scratch : What an arrogant pair of ... I mean, they certainly are displaying some ass-like characteristics.
"They hate us because of our freedoms." The runner up? "The media has a liberal bias."
The harsh detergents in the Head & Shoulders might be *causing* your itching, while simultaneously helping mask it. Make no mistake, it's not actually addressing whatever causes the itching. What other shampoos have you used, that you end up itching from? Do they all contain detergents? Do they all have some type of coloring or artificial fragrance? What other things is your scalp in contact with (gels, hairspray, bubble bath)? Have you ever tried washing with a...
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