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Quote: "We are telling them we want them to take care of themselves, take care of their beauty," she said. "That's very different from sending them the message to look like something they're not." That's called a lie. People who want your money often tell them. The whole thing reminds me of Lane Bryant stores: sell clothes for "plus sized women" ... modeled by women on the slender end of average. : ETA: They want to celebrate "real beauty"?...
Since I have zero reason to believe there's even such a thing as "hauntings," sure. And I'd laugh all the way to the bank at the kind of superstition that brings down the prices on "haunted" houses.
I'm repeatedly jawdropped at how emotional people can get, today, over rules of ettiquete developed from standards of living, social views, and prejudices that reflect life a hundred freaking years ago. ETA: How many of you carry cards to leave (one for each female in the house from each female visiting) when you visit a friend? Know how to use a tea strainer? Serve soup only in cups at luncheon, and only in proper soup bowls at dinner (moving the spoon correctly at...
Quote: Originally Posted by MomBirthmomStepmom I'll keep doing my thing, and just stop caring about being happy.. Who the hell am I to want to be happy anyway?? I got people on here replying to me that I shouldn't be angry because I went and fed grandma's pets... Excuse me for caring about them actually eating... Please just stop replying to this thread, and let me be unhappy, cause obviously, it just doesn't matter anyway... Please read...
I should have been clearer. By not intending to sneak off to smoke, I meant that being sneaky or deceiving about it, in order to avoid the freakouts, was not an option for us. KWIM? Ds hasn't freaked out for days. Maybe he's over it, or maybe it had something to do with some other stress he was under at the time
Dear DH, If it bothers you so much to be told flat out that I don't want to be interrupted right now, then try to be more perceptive of my continuing hints that I'm trying to concentrate *before* it gets to the stage where I get irritated and tell you flat out. And don't tell me I shoudl have just let you know in the first place instead of hinting, because we both know perfectly well if I'd done that you would have sulked just the same! Love, me
OK, let me explain the pig thing again: Sustainer's analogy about Jews eating pork a few pages ago is not an apt one, because Jews have a specific religious commandment forbidding them to eat pork. Amish/Mennonites do not have specific religious commandments forbidding them to use sposies, or, indeed, other "modern conveniences". Amish and Mennonites often do live simple, natural, old-fashioned lives, but that is not because their religion calls for them to be...
"It's really odd that they don't keep pigs as pets because they're supposed to love pigs!"
I'll drop off some iced red raspberry leaf-lemon balm-mint tea. In crystal goblets of course! Congrats Dreams! Have a wonderful birth!
Ugh, so NOT cool to rat him out in front of other people with his wife there. Imagine how humiliating that would be for her! What a ... I mean, what extraordinarily jerk-like qualities.
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