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Ruthla is right. Only your scalp produces sebum, so only your scalp needs the BS directly applied. The rinsewater running down the rest of your hair should be enough to get rid of incidental dust and dirt that would be on the length of your hair. You might also try a weaker BS solution, like a Tb in a pint of water, and not a paste. A BS paste is pretty darn strong. I use it to scrub my tub & toilet. Have you considered using henna (or cassia if you don't want any...
Meh, I try to do some kind of deep conditioner every 2 weeks, but usually it's once a month. I just use enough yogurt to thoroughly saturate my hair and usually I'll throw in whatever I have to hand -- honey, aloe juice, cassia paste, amla, whatever. If I use it after I wash and want to rinse it out, I take care that it's free of any oily ingredients. I leave it in an hour or so, covered with a plastic bag and then my turban towel or a knit hat (for the warmth). Once...
So, tribalmax, since we are sure they're not going to do the right thing, we should reward them for it by increasing their ad sales? Oooooookay.
I said it there and I'll say it here, it would be a damn shame if MDC members pulled money out of their own pockets and put it into MDC's to fix an "error" MDC should be responsible for fixing.
BWAAAAAAA! "Give me a happy ennnnding ... every tiiiiiiime ..."
Quote: Originally Posted by veganmamma And Mothering gets $100 for not taking the time and effort we deserve to check on their advertisers. Exactly. Now MDC members, lots of whom don't exactly have cash to throw around, are putting MORE money out of their own pockets into MDC's to correct MDC's screwup for them? Not this chick. :
Quote: Originally Posted by RiverSky I wrote, "I am not advocating guilt over every little thing but "what if"???? " Is that a scare tactic? Yes.
So, I am late to this thread, but I learned ... that nurses can and will look you right in the eyes and lie. And that even professional caregivers can be incredibly ignorant about birth.
It will probably be hard, but it won't be horrible. I had a hospital epidural birth and then a homebirth 5 years later. My homebirth was indescribably more glorious than my hospital birth. I managed the discomfort much better, I was much more confident and less afraid.
Jessica, here is my take on it. An OB/GYN is a surgeon. They are trained to intervene surgically. They are trained to see things in terms of possible pathology (what could go wrong). And often, they have zero experience with actual normal childbirth. All their experience is with childbirth that has been tampered with. A midwife is trained to support normal pregnancy and birth. They are trained to identify complications that would make the pregnancy and birth beyond...
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