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You sound like me! I am going through this crazyness as well with my family. I have two older boys and an infant daughter whom is 9 months old now. My PPD started during my pregnancy and I had never ever had symptons of depression in my lifetime. I felt like I was losing my family and it was all my fault as well. I would start fights for no reason. Laugh and cry in an instant. Everything was doomed for me. I started getting worried and started reading up on help and I...
Did you think of adding A to the end. Then it is unique and very pretty
Thier father lets them watch that cartoon when I am not around. Then when I speak about it, he says that I raised by kids well enough that they know what is right from wrong and what is reality from cartoons, and that the tv show should not affect them. But I walked in during a scene of this guy strapped to a chiar being tortured and his head got cut off and a spout of blood sprayed out above his neck! That is NOT ok!! Dad and kids just laugh and think its funny... I...
I still believe in fairy tales!! And very happy I do!
well this after i took her pony tails out! It straightened itself, when its wet it curls in ringlets, she is mixed with black/white Thankyou for all the comments she is quite adorable and makes me laugh everyday!
LOL Awwww Thanks. I did the math!! She was in my tummy for 8 months, and alive outside for 9. with 5 inches of hair! So I have come to the conclusion that it grows 1 centimeter every month. Ill keep you updated with pics LOL and my practice hairstyles, Im no good at braiding. I did her first pony tail last week and it was so cute! Wish me luck!
This is my UNBELIEVABLE 9 month old baby Scarlett. Look at her hair! Boy am I in trouble! Anyone got any advice on hair products or styles for a 9 month old LOL! Thanks http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w...Picture099.jpg
http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w...prettyeyes.jpg http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w...iblings014.jpg I am white/father is african american! Beautiful combination!
HI! I am a white mother and I have three beuatiful mixed children. they are half black. And I wouldnt have it any different! They are my angels and thats what makes them so wonderful and special in this world! They are flawless and beautiful and they are healthy! I want to see them have the best life ever in this world and that is all that matters! I didnt fall in a love with a black man on the determination of what my children will be like. They were all gifts from God to...
Gosh.....If I see a bug in my close "space" I scream.....sorry Im a girl too. Cant help it, its the way i express myself to calm my self I guess. not really sure where the root of it comes from. Maybe my mom screamed too. Could it be genetic. or learned within members of the family or the cultures? I think there are many reasons people scream. I do repect people and try to not be obnoctious and I hope that Im raising my children to that as well! But being a girl and...
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