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Good Luck!!  I had a vbac 2 weeks ago.  It's the most amazing thing in the world... definitely worth the wait!!  I was 8 days over due.  You can totally do it!   Just a few words of advice that my midwife gave me (and I totally ignored!): no natural induction techniques will work unless you are at least 2 cm and 80% effaced.  I went to the chiro, acupuncture, and reflexology.  I did a bit of nipple stimulation, but then my midwife said to avoid it b/c of...
I forgot to add that he was 9 lb 1 oz and 21 3/4".  I'm glad we went with the foley, otherwise I could've been pushing out a 10 pounder.  :)
Well, we did it!  The foley got put in on 3/2 at 12:00 pm, and I started contracting an hour later.  I was able to take it out right at 2 hours.  We had a baby at 11:47 am on 3/3.  :)
The hospital has a 41 week policy for VBACs.
My midwife put me on the following regime:   1.  Dr. Christopher's 6 W Birth Prep Formula starting at 34 weeks.  1 pill per day at 34 weeks, 2 pills per day at 35 weeks, increasing by 1 pill every week.  At 39 weeks you should be taking 6 pills per day.  They have RRL in them, so you wouldn't need to drink the tea.   2.  One dose of Caulophyllum per day (the homeopathic version of Blue cohosh- 3 pellets a day) starting at 36 weeks   3.  3000 mg of EPO...
I was due last week, 2/23.  If I'm still pregnant on Tuesday (3/1), my midwife will be sending me home from my appointment with a foley catheter.  Anyone have luck with this induction method??  I'm praying I go before then, but I can definitely see this little guy stayng in for as long as possible.
I agree, as long as it's just for sleeping, what's the big deal??  I'd probably wean off it soon though.
Congrats on your decision!!  I can't say enough wonderful things about Barbara and Melicia! 
I was just going to recommend EOF, but saw you already posted there.  Good Luck!!
Check out your local chapter of Eats on Feets on Facebook.  I haven't given birth yet, but I have already connected with a mom of an adoptive baby born a few weeks ago to share mlk with.  Eats of Feets is a great resource.  The PA chapter is very active.
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