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I just thought of this movie yesterday. My family and I (dh and 3 kids) went to a music festival in one of the towns here. The music was on several stages throughout the downtown area. 70 bands were playing! We decided to go just to walk around on the streets, but we figured we wouldn't pay the $20 bucks to get in becasue we wouldn't be able to stay very long. We have a 7 week old baby and a 2.5 year old toddler. You now how that goes! So anyhow, I walked up to the...
(((((((((Sun and kids))))))))))) That really sucks. I find that I don't trust people as I'd like to be able to. I can't believe they stole fundrising money from children, though. That is sinking pretty low.
Thank you so much for the reply. I'm trying to stay calm and assured that everythnig will be fine but it's hard.
Hi Tree Thanks for your love and support, I miss you too. My pains are better, or at least bearable. My biggest fear is the herpes. i just want a healthy baby!
I have genital herpes and I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant. We are seeing a wonderful midwife and ar planninga homebirth. I would really like a waterbirth but I'm not sure if that is safe. Anyhow, I've been diagnosed with HSV2 at 12 weeks gestation. I'm not sure if this was a primary outbreak becasue it was very mild. However, I'm assuming that it was becasue I don't recall any previous outbreaks. I had one other outbreak at 19 weeks gestation. Needless to say, I was...
WOW, a little off the topic here?? Anyhow, I wish I had read *parts* of this thread before I went and got an ultrasound yesterday. I would probably have choosen not to. I haven't received any other tests though and it was comforting to know that everything looked fine. Also, my placneta in up front and that is why I don't feel much movements. I was a little uneasy to begin with so the lady was quick, about 15 minutes. regardless, I felt horribly guilty afterwardsa...
I'm pregnant We are due on August 10th with our third child. I have a 6yo boy and 2yo girl. we are not going to find out the sex this time. We are planning a home waterbirth.
Hi everyone! I wanted to create a poll so that I could print it up for my report. I was hoping to chart the main reasons why parents decide to home school their childre. Any input is very appreciated! Thanks edited for spelling errors :
I have recieved responses from a couple mom's about home schooling (thanks so much ) and their answers have really sparked my interest in home school. I have decided to do a whole research project on this topic for my education class. A little information: I am a special education major at universtiy of central florida. I'm focusing on specific learning disabilities. One of my assignments was to interview a person involved in the education field. I decided to do...
Any volunteers? I am an exceptional education major in college and one of my current classes wants me to do a "Real World Profile". I can interview a teacher, principle, community learder, or parent and ask them what concerns them most about education. I would like to interview a parent who has decided to homeschool their children and find out the major reasons for their decision and how they handle their responsibility. Thanks!!!
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