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I take a prenatal called Opti-natal by Eclectic Institute. I took them when pregnant with my dd and was happy with the result
I moved the crafts threads into the craft forum. If you notice your thread has been moved, check there Cynthia made "Crafts" it's own forum and asked me to move the craft threads there so they get more attention. Thanks!!
Smilemomma~ THis is the type of anesthetic that was used on me. Do you know of it or it's safety. I here it is reletively new. Thanks so much for your time
I loved when it was time to push! I knew that it meant I was almost done. PLus, when I began to feel the unbelievable urge to push, my contractions no longer hurt. I felt much more in control of the situation all the sudden. Before, the contractions were so overwhelming and I had NO control. Anyhow, I didn't take any classes that instructed me how to push so I just did what felt natural to my body. When I felt the urge to push, I did, but very mildly. I pushed as...
How safe is local anesthesia used in common dental procdures? I had a tooth pulled out today and I'm now a little worried. I think the dentist gave me a huge dose of novocaine or lidocaine (I don't know which he used) because I was numb from 7am to 1pm....6 hours!! He knew I was pregnant so I'm hoping this is safe for the baby. Any body know??
I drink it!
I searched the Mothering boards for your thread on TV back before the boards crashed and I couldn't find it It was the one where you included an awesome list of things to do besides watch the boob tube. Anyhow, I am writing a paper for my education class on the negative effects of TV and I was hoping to use that thread as a resource. Do you know if there's anyway for me to access it? Thank you
I had an unplanned unassisted homebirth with my second. we had been seeing a midwife my whole pregnancy and had planned for her to be there but she didn't make it in time. She arrived 5 minutes after our dd was born. My dh was wonderful. He was nervous but he didn't let it show one bit. He saat at my side the whole time giving me aperineal message. When I felt the need to push, he said "OMG what are you doing? You can't push yet, the midwifes not here" But you...
My 6 year old acts that way sometimes. we are trying to teach him to respect when people are speaking and not interrupt. I think it is an attention thing alot of the times. I think it is very normal behavior for your nephew and most likely, a phase that will pass also.
My son gets about 10 hours I think that is fine, go with your instinct mama! Some children require less sleep, just like a some adults (I'm not one of them!)
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