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I have a bunch. I'm working on a full back piece but it is slow going. They are SO expensive. I have my son's name on my ankle with a vine and flowers wrapping all the way to the back and the symbol for his sign on the back of my ankle. I have one that goes around my wrist~on the top is the chinese symbol for "strength" and on my inner wrist, the symbol for "courage". I have cherry blossom flowers tying them together. I have a huge tigerlily on one shoulder...
I posted a thread in here and it's gone! Where did it go?
My son has also begun telling little white lies. Usually when he thinks he is going to get in trouble for doing something. I have no idea how to deal with this. I tell him that I am going to get more mad that he's lying to me then for whatever it is he did. It is a tough situation, especially when he continues to deny it. I try so hard not to lose my cool. It is really difficult to keep calm when I know he is telling a lie. I hate lies more then anything. I...
What helps relieve this? I am nauseous all day long. Any remedies? Thanks!
I took one of these a couple of semesters ago. It was Abnormal Psychology, which I found extremely interesting. They don't offer to many now for the program I'm in
I'm not sure about the bubbles but I wanted to let you know that we stained our kids feet and hands with regular stain from the hardware store. It really brings out all the little lines and fingerprints. It is so cool! It also makes them look antique. I just used a cloth and gloves and let it dry for a day in the sun.
I think this is a great topic! I am the oldest child of two. I had my son when I was young and the father is not around anymore. I some how knew that I would have 2 more kids one day and I wanted them to be fairly close. I don't know why I knew this. I met my dh when my son was 3 and we had a daughter together. She was born soon after my son turned 4. After my dd was here I still felt that my family wasn't complete. I felt that there were more little souls...
I also met my new love (now dh) when my son was 3. They both had a lot of adjusting to the new situation. I would suggest that your love and your son spend some time together, just the two of them (if you feel comfortable with that). My dh would take my son to the beach and they would fly kites or go boogie boarding. Another thing they like to do together is go on bike rides. My son's "real" father doesn't come around much but when he does, I can feel the...
I went to the library and found a couple books on tie dying. Possibly do a search on Google. I used rubber bands and tied knots in the t-shirts and then diped one half in a color and the other half in another. It is pretty simple and you can basically tie the knots how ever you want.
Does any one have a recipe for candle making? I was in Micheal's today and they had 10lbs of wax for sell and I thought about buying it but I had no idea what to do with it! THanks a million.
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