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I've ried to take Flax seed oil also. Maybe when I'm past the first trimester, it will go down easier Grantsmama~I am on the opposite coast, a little north of Daytona Beach.
Could you wear knee braces while running for extra support? That might be a preventative measure. Let us know how your doing.
When I'm speaking, I have a hard time looking in someone's eyes. I've often, often thought about this and wondered why. When someone is talking to me, I can look at them more easily but if they look into my eyes, I get very self-conscious. My dh has beautiful eyes and when he's trying to REALLY talk to me, he will put his face right in front of mine and stare right into my eyes. It is so CRAZY!!!!!!! Great topic Emily! I thought my self-esteem was fine...
My daughter is 21 months old and she seems to be out of the "everything goes in the mouth" phase. My son is 6 and he has alot of toys with small parts. We made sure he understood that he could not leave these laying around because his sister might put them in her mouth and choke. After a couple reminders, he became really conscious of where he put his toys and even started to make sure there was "no bad stuff his sister could get" when we laid her down to play. I...
It all depends on my mood. Anything Phishy, Grateful Deady, Dave Matthewsy, Bob Marleyee. James Taylor if i'm in a mellow mood. Bela if I'm feeling groovy! There are sooo many.
I'm reading it to my 6 six year old son. He really enjoys the story and so do I. It's such a nice change from the same picture books over and over!
I sing LOUD and I get way into the music! I often wonder what other drivers think when they pass by
Congratulations grantsmama. I am also newly pregnant, 6 weeks, and I live in FL too! I didn't get any stretch marks with my first but I got a lot on my abdomen with my 2nd. Both times I gained the same amount of weight (25-30 lbs) and used coccoa butter religiously. I would agree with the other ladies and say if your going to get them, there's really no prevention. I saw a recipes for stretch marks: 1/4 cup cocca butter 1 tsp light sesame oil 1 tsp vitamin...
In the book "Natural Family Living" by Peggy O' Mara it says that " a study found that u/s scan create changes in the cells. There has never been a sizable, controlled trial to assess the safety of u/s, and there most likely never will be, because the ethical dilemma of denying women access to a diagnostic tool that most people have been conditoined to and believ to be safe. A few smaller studies have indicated a link between children exposed to u/s and symptoms of...
I would definitely be interested in reading the whole article.
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