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I wish we could walk together!
Treelove~ you so deserve to be happy on this day! I'm grateful that you have found peace in your life and you are able to move on. You never know what the furure holds!
I question so much more now. I pay attentoin to everything we put in our bodies and I make sure we take time to nourish our souls, also. Like jasnjakesmom said, I stop to notice the flowers or the little bug walking across the sidewalk. I take my children out to see the tides change and watch the moon rise. I enjoy spening time with my children in a relaxed way, rather then always thinkng of what needs to be done. I used to have a hard time with this. I could never...
I rotate my routine but most often I walk about 3 miles. At low tide, I love to walk on the beach and my jogging stoller rolls on the sand nice and easy! Sometime I rollerblade, ride my bike, or go for a jog. I try to do a little of each so that I don't get bored. However, I find that I enjoy exercising more now then ever. It is so nice to have this hour to myself. Even if my daughter is with me, she usually is sleeping and my thought can drift away.
We planned a waterbirth for our second child. We has the poll set up in the living room and everything. My labor went so quickly however, that I never got a chance to get into it. I am really hoping to have one this time around. I can't wait for the experience! A word of advice: If you are going to use a kid pool, buy one that is a small to medium size. We bouhgt one that was way to big because I want to float aroun. However, it never got fully filled up and...
WOW~a craft thread. I can't wait to hear all the great ideas. I am so uncrafty! lala-you must be in heaven between here and the diapers
I would LOVE to work for mothering magazine! Now I only have to convince my husband to move to Santa Fe
Oh Chanley~ I hope everything works out for them.
(((((((((Treelove)))))))))) ((((((((((Emmet)))))))))))) I never knew you had such a hard time. I'm so sorry honey but please cheer up. You are a wonderful momma and Emmet is going to grow up knowing that you gave him the best care and most love EVER!! He may be a little slower in learning and development but girl, he definitely has your strength and determination, which will help him deal with the other children in school. Use today to reflect on what your...
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