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I think that you should have a talk with your stepdaughter and tell her honestly why you can't make it to her school events. It is not your fault that you can't be there, yet you take the blame by saying you have other engagements. I think this will be very beneficial to your relationship with her because she will know that you truely would like to go to these events but you can't. How often does she stay with you and her father? I think that you might want to...
I was 18! I will be 36 when my first born graduates high school I missed out on a lot of "becoming me" and "being free" years but I hope to make up for them later!
RAFFI I love Raffi and so do my kids (fortunately ) lol He makes them smile and that makes me smile This is what my kids listen to mostly. We even have a couple videos! My daughter is 21 months old and she has just started to sing along. It's great.
I used to go over my friend's house for a sleepover sometimes and end up calling my mom to pick me up shortly after I got there. I remember one time, her mom picked me up and I started crying in car on the way over. I didn't even make it to the sleepover before I started missing my mom so much that she had to come and get me. I can't remember exactly what age I was at this time. I'm guessing that I was a little younger, but not by much. If the children have a...
Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about your irritation. Yet, I can sympathize with you. My son goes to school with a sweater and comes home empty handed. Is your child losing these cloths at school? If so, try talkng to the teacher about it. Write your childs name inside of all their sweaters, jackets, ect. Also, does your child get an allowance? If so, let them know that you are going to start holding them responsible for their cloths. If they lose them, they will...
I remember reading on this board about a recipe for natural way to clear your drains. However, I don't know if it was recently or before the boards went down (I'm running on mommy time!) Did anyone write it down? Thanks BTW-I thought to myself, "I really should copy this down.....no, I"ll remember!" Yeah right!
lala, I bought my soap from soapcrafters. Is that a good company? Are there any other ones that you can suggest? Thanks
lala, I bought my soap from soapcrafters. Is that a good company? Are there any other ones that you can suggest? Thanks
Hi everyone, I am a new moderator of this board and the Preteen years board. I thought I would take a moment to reintroduce myself. My name is Jaime and I have been married to my wonderful husband for three years. I have two children, ages 1.5 and 6. My son is from a previous relationship that never went anywhere. His father abandoned us and so I was a single mom for three years. When I met my husband, I told him that "I came with a bonus" and he gladly accepted...
I want to make some melt and pour soaps for the holidays and I have a couple questions. Should I buy the soap making kit that inclueds a couple fragrances and some coloring? Or would it be better to just but the M&P sopa and add my own fragrances and color? Is it ok to use food coloring and essential oils in the soap? Thanks
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