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Thanks for the shout out! (I'm Mondays with Mac). We were really really blessed to have found our known donor (who our son calls dad). It's been an interesting ride but we are incredibly happy and grateful. I wish you guys lots of luck!! 
I can't seem to imbed the video... but here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwdMT08dYNQ
The Superior Court Justice declared that.... 
I am going to be giving away some more free memberships to co-parentmatch.com. Send me a message at kristin[@]mondayswithmac.com if you are interested!
I still have four memberships left to giveaway!!   http://www.mondayswithmac.com/2012/02/looking-for-known-sperm-donor-or-co.html
Hi all,   I am a married lesbian living in Ottawa Canada. In May of 2010 my wife and I met a man online through co-parentmatch.com (I think because of a recommendation I found on this site) and in August of 2011 welcomed our beautiful son into the world. I'm blogging all about the experience here if you are interested: http://macattackmondays.blogspot.com/   I spoke with the people at co-parentmatch.com recently and to help celebrate our success they are donating...
I LOVE co-parentmatch.com. LOVE.   After some (shall we say interesting?) experiences on free matching sites we finally signed up for co-parentmatch.com in May of 2010. In August of 2011 I pushed our beautiful son into the world! We are a couple of married lesbians in Ottawa Ontario and our son's donor-dad lives in NYC so without co-parentmatch.com we would have never met.  I will forever be grateful.   And more than that they are a great company. I have been...
Thanks so much for the detailed response! I am in Ontario so I will send you a PM about lawyers.
Hi folks,   Well I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy and it's really setting in that we need to figure out how we plan to move forward on the legal aspects of our son's parentage. We used a known donor so I know that we need to formally have him give up his rights and have my wife take on the rights and responsibilities. Our donor is a dear friend and an all around awesome guy and we have absolutely no concerns about him.   So I'm just wondering for those of you...
I forgot to add Ellison. I really liked that name because it sounded nice and gender neutral in full form but could be shortened to Eli or Ellie if s/he grew-up to want a more gender specific name.
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