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Absolutely not, soda is linked to so many health problems (obesity, etc.) and offers little if any dietary benefit. They can drink water, milk, real fruit juice... But not soda.
Thanks for letting us know your situation! Vaccines may not offer bullet-proof protection, but they are usually better than nothing.
Yikes, that's a really unfortunate situation! I'm sorry to hear that. I wouldn't lie on the BC if I were you (the child should know who it's biological father is, and he should help raise it if it's his), and if you and your husband were getting a divorce to begin with, I don't think bearing another man's child is a good reason to get back together - although, you know your relationship much better than I do! If things look good to you and you don't want to divorce any...
Well, sometimes fiscal responsibility takes time for people to learn and appreciate; maybe letting her pay her own bills (ie don't bail her out next time) could be useful for sending the message that she's an adult now and needs to learn to live within her means. As for the weight gain and food addiction, therapy is probably a good place to start. Once the underlying psychological issues are addressed, she can start moving on to a healthy diet and fitness regimen to get...
I'm glad to hear you sought help and succeeded in conquering your PPD. For the next child, since you know what to expect now (and let's be realistic, it probably is going to happen again), you can prepare to do all the things that helped you last time, whether that be support groups, talking it over with other parents, therapy, medication, relaxation, and so on. Whatever worked before? Get ready to do it again from day 1 after you give birth - and maybe even before then! 
As long as the guns are stored away, locked, and unloaded (with all ammunition stored in a separate place and also locked), it should be alright. Make sure your mother supervises the children as well, just to be extra careful.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aubergine68 We have interlocking mats too on the playroom floor. Work really well. We used something like this for our younger two as infants learning to sit/crawl/walk. I got some mats like that as well and so far so good even though there's just a lot of lying around lol
I got mine from http://www.sheepskinfurs.com/27-baby-lambskins.html which is treated chemically free. Works great in the stroller so far!
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan The reason things like carrots or bones are safe teethers at 4 months is that the baby usually can't swallow anything even if they magically get a bit off. what sized carrots are we talking?
I guess I'll keep an eye out on this in the coming months. Mines only 3 months and I can't seem to not be around him 24/7 :
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