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I'm nursing my 3-year-old daughter. I just found out I'm pregnant and am so excited!! I'm due the end of January. So far I just have some nipple/breast pain like pms. Nothing major.
Thank you so much everyone for your advice. I have sore breasts and nipples today, so I guess it just comes later than PMS does. I guess I should go and check out the pregnancy boards, but I've been here for so long I'm sad to go. I'll be lurking. I'll be sending lots of baby dust to you all.
Wow, thanks for all the great information. It is very helpful to hear all of it. My breasts and nipples are always extremely painful before my period, but now that I'm pregnant they are not painful at all. Should I be worried? Is that a sign of not enough progesterone? During my last pregnancy I had very painful ones.
Thank you to everyone for the well wishes!!!! Since it took me a year to get pregnant this time, do you think I should be using progesterone cream? I've never been tested for progesterone levels.
Congrats to you too sunnylady and doulanichole!!!!! Wow, this is a good month!!!!!!! My five year anniversary is next saturday. Wow, nice gift!!
I'm a day late on my period today, so I tested and got a POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!! After a year of trying and half a month of Vitex I'm pregnant!!!!!! Oh please, please, please let this be a sticky one!!!! Are there ways to help keep from having a miscariage?
LOL, You are awesome Leaky!!! Thanks for the comic relief.
This is depressing. I just realized my dd is the oldest on this thread!!! I WANT TO BE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! boy: girl: boy: girl: boy: girl:
We're in our new house finally and computer is hooked up, and no it didn't stop me from obsessing about getting pregnant!! I'm 11 days post ovulation today.
Sleepymama: I feel your pain. I am right here with ya girl. OhMel: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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