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Did you end up getting help from your insurance?
Yeah, that's so hard because even if you've actually had a loss, it doesn't feel like it with all the bloating. I'm thinking about lifting weights and trying to find the time to get to the gym. The biggest worry for me is that I don't actually know what to do and can't afford a trainer right now. Suggestions?
Joining in after a looooong hiatus. My goal for this month was 10 pounds. WI this morning I was down 3 pounds so I've got 7 to go.
Hello all- I am thankfully, not pregnant. Just insomnic tonight but hey, at least it bought me time to catch up with you all. lol So much going on with all you pregos! I think it's so neat that you're all pregnant together again. My lo is 11 months old now. He's been walking for a few weeks and is talking a LOT. He is also the reason I am here now and not sleeping.... he was up up up and not sleeping well and then crashed leaving me wide awake at 3 am. I'm a facebook...
Our of everyone I talked to I liked Jessica the best as well.
Hi again faithful WW thread starting weight- 186 (12/07) current weight- 146 short term goal (pp weight)-136 long term goal-128 exclusively bf 9 month old
J are you on Facebook?
Welcome back Rainy and Kazmir! So glad to see you guys again. I've changed my username so many times no one recognizes me. It used to be myheartslight So, Emma is with my mom. Totally off meds and things are GREAT! For the last week before she left she was off them and it was rough but it was getting better already when she left. She's coming home on the first for a few weeks with us and we're doing swimming lessons for Emma and Cole. I'm excited to see her and glad...
Jenelle- I'm thinking about HS'ing Emma this year. She'll be in 4th grade. She's just got so many behavioral problems... she's on a few meds and things are getting worse again. I want change and this is the only thing I can think of that might work. Taking her out of school and off all meds to get back to a baseline. She's been medicated since she was 5? If they're working gods help us when we drop them because we're pretty much all miserable. Order the free catalog from...
Em, you can totally do this! You're such an awesome mama to Hazel and she will love having a sibling! Congrats!!!!!!
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