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How many Ithaca mamas around here? I know there has to be some. :)
Oh my gosh, I was just signing in to ask if there were any cool intentional communities / things like this in this area.  I am not quite ready to move yet or I'd be all over this but its so nice to know things like this exist.  I am looking to go to grad school in Eugene in 2013. (Yes I know that is a long ways away yet...) You give me hope for when I do move... 
As for Vit D drops, I was just using the ones I got from my pediatrician - the Tri-vi-sol or whatever. She hates them and refuses to take them. I didn't even think there might be commercial varieties available - didn't think that far ahead I guess.   Grandma Misti - what's the iodine protocol? Do you have a link? Is it a diet or a supplement?
Oh yeah, any other signs that he could be allergic to either the eggs or the chicken? Do you think it could be just a bug?
That's interesting. What else is he eating? Those whole foods shouldn't cause sporadic puking. Is he still doing it?
sosurreal - LOL - yeah I have to plan or I just end up reaching for the nearest candybar.   Lovestolearn - I am D deficient. My last test was 29 - I am on 3-4000 IU daily. The doc told me to only take 2000 but after reading the website you linked to, I upped it. In fact I should probably be taking more especially since I am still breastfeeding. My LO won't take the vitamin drops, I guess they taste nasty. So I have been trying to give her more fish like salmon and...
By the way, here's my menu plan if anyone is interested. If you want recipes, just ask and I'll try to oblige!   Friday Bf - egg/spinach "frittata" and sausage Lunch - out with mom - Chipotle - meat,vegs, guac dinner - Chicken soup (crockpot) snack - raw vegs / apple Saturday Bf - eggs and sausage lunch - leftover soup dinner - leftover soup snack - sardines, raw vegs Sunday bf - eggs and sausage lunch - mackeral and vegs / salad greens dinner -...
Hey! I LOVE this thread!   I just gone done reading Robb Wolf and doing extensive internet research and am going paleo for sure (starting immediately as a matter of fact). I have severe Hashimoto's thyroid disease and Celiac as well and I know I have inflammation problems because my joints hurt when I eat carbs. I also notice my workouts suck. I am 31 and still breastfeeding my 19 month old. We will be dairy free because I have issues with it along with the...
That is so cute! And so reassuring!!  
Have you attended any churches since you posted? How did your son react? My son, who is 7, is also very interested in learning more about Christianity. As an atheist/ learning Buddhist, I would have a hard time leading my impressionable children into a place of worship but I really admire your willingness to do so.  So I am wondering if you followed your plan and how it worked out.
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