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Has anyone heard from spughy? I wonder if she's snuggling her baby right now...
I consider myself lucky that I'm not facing an induction. My midwife will let baby cook as long as he wants as long as everything still looks good. But my biggest concern is that my parents are coming to town at 42 + 3. While it's likely that I'll give birth by then, I REALLY want a few days alone with my baby before my parents get here. Ideally, a week would be nice.      I hope you're both able to have those babies soon and avoid induction! 
Is anyone else starting to feel like they're going to be the last one to give birth? I'm getting so ridiculously impatient and I'm only 40 weeks today! I'm thinking about getting acupuncture, but I should probably wait another week. 
  Ugh. I had a lot of sciatic pain earlier in my pregnancy and I'm SO GLAD it stopped. SO painful. The pain that replaced it really sucks too, though! When I get up in the morning or during the night to pee, I seriously feel like my pelvis is going to break if I don't brace myself on furniture and walls on the way to the bathroom.    My ankles are fine, but I would definitely think it would just be from the weight. 
Yay!!!! Congrats, scruffy!!!   Good luck, storygirl! It sounds like things will definitely be happening soon!
Lots of love to you scruffy!
Awesome. Thanks for the tips! This was something I had originally really wanted to do, but I got overwhelmed with all the other preparations for the birth and decided not to bother. It just occurred to me that my midwife's assistant would probably be perfectly willing to do it. She's encapsulating it for me. 
I guess I should probably just run to the craft store and get some water color paper. I'm just avoiding adding things to my to do list at this point. 
Firespiritmelody, thanks for sharing! Do you think it would be okay to use card stock?  Also, is 8 1/2 x 11 (or whatever regular paper size is) okay, or does it need to be bigger? 
I'm so excited for both of you!   I'm hoping to be joining you. I'm having my regular evening contractions, but they're more frequent and a little stronger than usual. So I'm sitting around playing with my nipples to keep them going. That's probably a weird thing to admit on a public forum... but it's working, so whatever.
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