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So far I've knitted four hats, a diaper cover, and one leg warmer (I should probably make a second one at some point as I assume this baby will have two legs.). I decided to also knit a blanket to use up all the left over yarn from my other projects. I'm going to try to do another diaper cover or two if I have time. 
  Thanks. :)     Yeah, I think we'll do that. I've been afraid of waiting to meet the baby to pick a name because I'm so indecisive and I don't want to have a nameless baby for too long. One time it took me a week to name a cat and by the time I came up with a name I was so used to calling her "kitty" that it just kind of stuck. Obviously, a baby is not the same thing as a cat. But anyway, I think since it's narrowed down to two names it won't be too hard. :)
I cannot stop flip flopping. We're down to either Isaac or Felix and every day I have a different preference. I think over all I've been leaning more toward Felix, but DP prefers Isaac, and since the middle name was 100% my choice, maybe I should just go with his preference for the first name? I don't know...   Which has more of a ring to it?  Felix Lysander Isaac Lysander
Has anyone tried? I'm hoping to some day be a midwife, and I thought being able to feel my own cervix as it changes would be a great learning experience. Problem is, I CAN'T REACH IT! It's so far in there! I'm frustrated. I want to feel it SO BADLY! 
I hope things pick up soon! I'm on the edge of my seat over here!
Yay!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!!
That IS exciting! I've been wondering if I'm starting to dilate because I've had some weird pain in my cervix here and there. I tried to check, but I can't reach. :/
Just remembered one I've been putting off for a while. I make my own soap and other bath products and I was planning on putting together some gift baskets for my midwives. I should probably get started on that! 
At my last appointment my midwife said "2 weeks from now this baby will be good to go and you could be having a home birth." Of course I know it won't happen that soon, but it definitely blew my mind. 
When do you think your baby will born?   My first was an induction at 42 weeks, and I've been telling myself this one will probably not come out until 42 weeks either. But now I'm starting to feel like it will be sooner. Everything about the pregnancy is different, so I have no reason to believe it will end at the same time as my last. I read somewhere in one of Ina May's books that women who are sexually active during their pregnancy tend to go into labor sooner. I...
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