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Hi there! I've just been really busy with school, but I'm proud to say that I've done all my work for the first module I've been working 9-5 and then studying in the evening, so I am really exhausted lately. I also get frustrated a lot more now, and get bad headaches too..... I'm a mess! Hope you are all doing wonderful!
Hey mamas! Sorry that I've been so MIA lately. It's been a rough time here, but there has been some great news! I applied for a Bachelor of Social Work program back in January and was waiting patiently (or trying to....) to hear back. I was so happy to hear back from them yesterday saying that I got in!! I've been applying to programs for years and kept getting rejected, so to finally get in is a wonderful feeling. Hope that you are all wonderful!!
So glad that Spring is finally here
Hey there- it's been forever!! I hope that you are all doing amazing!
Quote: Originally Posted by AntoninBeGonin I would like some new friends, so hi everyone! I'll read the thread later. Welcome!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by redveg Hope you feel better. There are some nasty germs going around. Thanks!! I felt miserable up until Tuesday when it became worse. I woke on Wednesday with no voice. I called off work, which I never do. I went to outpatients where they told me I have laryngitis & post-nasal drip. I've been given an antibiotic. I feel less congested, but my voice is still shaky. I've been off since Wednesday. I wouldn't be able...
Hello ladies! I've been sick for almost the past week. It started with a sore throat, and then got the stuffiness and cough with a light fever. I tried my best not to get sick & then boom, it happened! I am taking tomorrow off work, as I've been hacking up a storm and I feel that with my job being mostly talking on the phone, my throat cannot handle it. So how are you all?
I am so sorry to hear about her loss!
I am so sorry!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Geigerin Wow! That's a good group. We had more than ever this year- about 20. About 10 of them were not from the neighborhood, just friends of neighborhood kids. Compared with our three from last year, it was a surprise. Good thing Bear is a candy junky, and we had tons of stuff in the house. It was fun seeing all of the neighbors we don't see much from other streets. There are a lot of other expectant mamas in the...
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