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I once read about a woman named Chrysalis in a news article and was smitten with the name immediately.  I think it is sounds so beautiful and the concepts of growth and metamorphosis surrounding it are lovely.  I do not like the name/nickname "Chris" at all so I don't think I would ever give this name to a child.
My soon-to-be 3-year-old is going to be a robot - a "LoveBot 3000" specifically.  I put together a robot costume that is accessorized with little pink hearts and a love meter.  Very cute.  :)  
Thanks!  I was just researching placenta encapsulation the other day!  :D
Thanks, youngfrankenstein.  I thought that too but the paperwork and verbal instructions these doctors have given to my cousin specifically say no breastmilk.  I just don't understand it.
My cousin just had her first baby about 1 month ago.  They have had a difficult time breastfeeding for a plethora of reasons that my cousin has been diligently working through.  Now they have discovered that the baby has a posterior tongue tie.  The doctors are going to put the baby under in the local Children's Hospital OR for the procedure this Thursday.    Here's the thing: the doctors told my cousin that that baby couldn't nurse for 6 hours before arriving at the...
Ooooh, I'm intrigued!  Can you tell us more abou this, Czarena?  One of my husband's biggest complaints about living in an intentional community/commune is that we are a computer-friendly family that enjoys watching movies together.  He thinks all intentional communities are anti-technology whatsoever.  I would be interested to hear your plans.      
My kitchen pantry!  Holy Moly, it's clean in there and like items are actually grouped.  o_O   I randomly came across a youtube video where a woman explained how she uses her bakeware as her "baskets" to organize her pantry.  It's genius!  My pantry has never looked this good.  My food is organized, I spent no money, and I cleared an entire cabinet where the bakeware used to be stored.      
LOVE IT!!!  This statement touched my heart.    Welcome to MDC and thank you for what you do!    
My first and only baby was born at home with no interventions whatsoever.  I took Bradley classes and did a lot of reading and researching to prepare to birth her.  
Congratulations on your little girl and welcome to MDC!    In case you haven't found them yet, you can join a Due Date Club with MDC mommas of other August babies.  The Due Date Clubs are under the "I'm Pregnant" forum.  Happy Homebirthing to you!  <3  
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