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I'm 2lbs down from my starting weight, so hopefully I don't gain more than 10lbs. I am 32 weeks now, so a pound a week or so is what I am hoping to NOT exceed.
I had GBS + urine at my first OB visit. My OB is still optimistic about my homebirth (He is awesome.) I had one course of ABX back then when my urine culture came back + and we plan on doing another round of ABX around 36ish weeks. I may also do a hibclens scrub down below once I go into labor for good measure.
Dear OP, learn how to use a vibrator.
If it aint broke, don't fix it. But since it sounds like it is broke, fix it. Don't cut it all off though. Like others have said, there are good alternatives.
My copy of Sick-o should be in the mail soon.
You on Facebook? The End Routine Infant Circ page has this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7mAMsSkiNY&feature=youtu.be
That's what I was thinking too. Didn't want to say anything though.
Ahh, gotcha. He is my oldest and my only boy (4 in all) that can fully retract. I just never noticed it before.
My oldest son is 7 and intact. I helped him in the shower last night and reminded him to clean his penis. He pulled back and there was white stuff I think was smegma. He isn't red or anything so I don't think it is yeast or anything else funky. I just thought 7 was kinda young for that already....
Tonsils and adenoids. I know too many kids that get chronic infections that need them out later in life. And they are just pieces of skin hanging there anyway.   Appendix. A guy I know had to have his out when he was like 26. Can you IMAGINE!   toenails. I know a girl that had to have her ingrown toenails cut out. And she remembers how bad it hurt.   Spleen. I saw a teenager on a show once that ruptured his spleen in a football mishap. Take that sucker out at...
New Posts  All Forums: