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I think the most ridiculous reason given is "My husband gets to make the circ decision because he has a penis, not me."  **Gag** And, my husband is tattooed from knee to ankle on both legs, so I suppose all 4 of our sons need to have their tattoos started immediately.
A lot of doctors don't see tongue tie as an issue, unfortunately. DS1 was tongue tied, and the only reason it got clipped was because the ENT who was putting his ear tubes in at 7 months said he would clip it while he was under anesthesia anyway. Some home birth midwives will clip it in their office though. You may be able to try and call around to find someone who actually knows what issues being tongue tied CAN cause.
A Facebook group sounds awesome. Also, I am facebook.com/tyrantoftheweek
I'd say that FemCap thing would be good as long as you use some sort of spermicide with it.
We will probably end up using pregnancy as a method of birth control..LOL Derek was 12 weeks old or so when I got pregnant with Daniel. My second pp cycle. We are already back at it. We made it maybe 1.5 weeks. ( I pretty much was down to spotting and I didn't tear, the mood was right..so there ya go) I have never gone the full 4-6 weeks. I'd probably die.
Daniel was also born at 41 and 3. And I find it interesting that the boards non-induced "late" babies had pretty east labors/deliveries. Almost makes going over that magical EDD worth it.
I have an OB that delivers at North Fulton (his practice is there at the hospital out patient office) that is awesome. Other than that, back up OBs for homebirths here are very few and far between. I have been dismissed from an OB practice for being a "risk" and home birthing.
Get a belly band. Then, your pre-pregnancy pants will fit. You could probably hit up a thrift store to buy a pair or 2 of inexpensive jeans and a shirt or 2. 
I was pushing as my midwife showed up. She started to take my BP and I respectfully told her to "please don't touch me." And, she appreciated that and backed off.
I was on RRL from about 20 weeks on. Then there was that cohosh induction that I tried for 2 days prior to the actual birth that could have helped as well. Other than that, I think my body was just ready.
New Posts  All Forums: