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High tight and closed doesn't really mean too much. You can sit at fingertip and high and have a baby the next day or you can sit at 3cm and 75% effaced for a month. Maybe all those false labor/toning contractions will make for a super speedy and easy birth?
Same weight as Daniel...grats mama!
I second checking in your tribe. I found my foreskin friendly ped on accident really. I watched as he did my sons' exams and noticed he didn't even touch them there (WIN!!). All the other docs in the practice go for that part of my boys almost automatically. I now only take the boys to that one doctor.
Wow. What a whirl wind. Turns out, I have postpartum pre eclampsia. My midwife called to do her check in phone call and I mentioned it. She wanted me to get checked by a doctor. I went to urgent care thinking I would just need a "Take it easy" talk and a blood pressure reading. My BP was 144/99 and I was more than a "little" swollen. I had pitting edema from feet to ankles. So, to the ER I headed. When I was admitted, my BP was 177/108!!! So, 2 nights in the hospital on...
I have what I am pretty sure is a chest cold. So yeah, lots of coughing. Not really short of breath though.
Yep. you can also try the chiropractor.
Daniel was born Saturday and I noticed that yesterday, my hands and feet are swollen. I had a home birth and did not have IV fluids or anything. This sucks. I didn't have one problem with this during pregnancy.....
Awesome! You said you weren't pushing as strong as you could have to save your bottom...I felt the exact same!! I had the midwife press on my rectum so I could really bear down without fear of my insides becoming outsides..LOL
So, this morning, I woke up pissed. And I cried in Marks arms for a good 10 minutes. He took the older boys to Lowe's for the Build and Grow workshop, while I Facebooked and stalked all my message board peeps..Anyway, around 10ish, I was feeling super uncomfortable. Like my cervix was about to pop out of my body. Anyway, I tried to ignore it and chill on the couch for a bit. It was getting ouchafied and I decided I would try and vacuum a bit. I plugged the vacuum in and...
My 4th intact boy was due a week and a half ago...LOL   congrats, mama.
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