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Congrats mama! My Breech UC baby is now 18 months! Crazy! Love breech birth stories. (We didn't know he was breech until he was born)
we also have a facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/NEunschoolers/
i would make it as private as possible, JMO. I agree.. birth is primal. I had a 4 1/2 hour labor with surprise breech.. and I did tones the entire time and just went "into" myself... I liken it to pooping in front of my husband. I can do it in front of him... with no issues.. but if there was a room full of people I would have felt self conscious. You need to be in a place where you can let go without any worries. To me, that is the key to a pain free, amazing birth. But...
Agreed. I am appalled at those who are calling a midwife negligent for attending a breech birth. We can't know what went wrong in this birth, and perhaps this midwife should not have attended a breech birth if she was not properly trained, but negligence for even attending? :(If ANYONE should be attending breech vaginal births, it should be hands off midwives. And being in a hospital doesn't make breech birth safer... if a vaginal breech is performed at all it sure is not...
spinningbabies.com unassistedchildbirth (.org .com? ) can't remember, It's Laura Shanley's site and forum. Gentlebirth.org    
We are in Hastings and have a pretty large homeschool community here. We are unschoolers, which is a little hard to connect with like-minded families. It'd be great to find another family into homeschool/unschool and natural things to connect with in the area. I know some families, but we all live so spread apart, it's hard to get together.  
I would love to win a carrier. I think that cool men's colors and seeing more men wear their babies would encourage my husband to do so.
My son will be 5 in June and said he would love to have a penpal. He really interested in the states and Geography, so it would be really cool to have a penpal from across the country. We live in Nebraska.
Doulasource.org OR lincolndoulas.com (both the same site/group) is a good source for Nebraska doulas. Also, FYI, there are NO currently operating birth centers in Nebraska.
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