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So, so sorry for your loss! Sending peace to you and your family.
Yum, thanks!
More great ideas! Thanks, Cristeen! Off to look for that pound cake recipe...
Oh wow, that looks good, thanks! Definitely considering it. Any other ideas, anyone?
Before I spend ages sifting through search results, I thought I'd throw this request out there. I was given 2 avocados and want to use them but can't eat them raw. What can I do with them? Some sort of quick bread recipe maybe? Help!
Welcome to MDC and the US!
I'm so very sorry! Sending peace.
I do something to get wrinkles out and I was thinking it might help in your situation as well. Put the shirt on a hanger, hang from the shower curtain rod (or someplace similar), mist with water from a spray bottle, and gently run your hand down the surfaces of the shirt. You could even add a drop or two of essential oil to the water in the spray bottle. I don't know if this would work quite the same as what you're thinking, but I thought I'd suggest it just in case.
I'm so sorry for your family's loss!
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