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Beautiful family! Hope your recovery goes quickly. :)
So squishy cute! I bet you are eating him up! 
Yes, I forget words all the time! I feel like I play "$10,000 Word Pyramid" constantly.  I also completely forget my sentences halfway through. Just gone. Blank.  Oh, and my bank acct is a mess! Paid bills from the wrong account, which got me three nsf fees. Totally missed a check to the farm for our beef this month, got me another nsf. Oh! And my landlord called because I paid the rent twice... I do tell my husband its kind of scary to go out into the world alone...
Oh, he's a sweet one! Love the hat!  And what a great size! Congrats, momma! Hope you are feeling well and your recovery goes smoothly.  Enjoy him!
I have random contractions all day, and bouts of contractions every few days - starts out with indistinguishable uncomfortableness, no real start / stop, which then turns into a pattern of contractions, as soon as I hit an hour or so of this, they start spacing and eventually stop. I was 4cm as of two weeks ago. I expect at some point, I'll have one of those little episodes of contractions and it will push me over into active labor...   I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow,...
Todays the day, isn't it??  Thinking of you! Looking forward to your update! :)
Fingers crossed for you, Resque! I love my chiro. I think he's magic.
Woe: worst cold I ever remember having at 35 weeks pregnant with twins.  Joy: maybe when the cold is gone, I'll feel so much better that "just" the pregnancy symptoms might not seem as bad?? Hopeful...   Physically, I feel like I have been 40 weeks pregnant for the last 8 weeks or so. I never really felt like I was ready to be done being pregnant with any of my five other pregnancies, but I'm feeling ready to be done now. These girls can come anytime they want, as...
Wow! So exciting, Tenk! Can't wait for you to post your birth story. :)  Hoping cinderella checks in soon - anxious to hear how she's doing...
Thinking of you too, cinderella...looking forward to hearing how you are.
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