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Those movements were the baby on my right flipping. Both babies are head down now. I'm 31w1d.
Love the bellies, mommas! JandJ's mommy, you look tan to me - I think I glow I'm so bright white.  wrenmoon, your round belly is adorable. 
Whoa! That bedroom looks serene. Good work! And wow - 5 weeks! So exciting!    Love the idea of breaking things down week by week, talldarkeyes. I just love making lists!  Just doing that helps me feel productive, lol!  I do have a running list of things to do before the babies, and I am feeling some pressure to get everything crossed off - my goal is to be done everything by June 1st. I don't want to have to do anything or be anywhere or even put anything on the...
You are adorable, Amber! And you look so happy. :)
Oops! Forgot to include my list (which probably looks a little different due to them not being my babies  )...     Overnight Bag: chapstick hair brush/bands tooth brush and paste mascara and eyeliner slippers cloth pads and ziploc bag three days of clothes, etc.   Backpack:  camera and charger laptop and charger cell phone and charger   Comfort Items:  lavender spray (to negate some of the sterile smell of the hospital) picture of my...
  I have the same sense, these babies are in for a while. The doctors are just overly cautious, because they have these nifty tools to use and measure, etc. (My OB has admitted to this, and thinks the peri is over reacting.)      Ugh. Poor thing. I always say all odds are 50/50 - it will either happen or it won't. Hope you find some relief, momma. 
I can relate to the breech kicks...yikes! At one point, both girls were breech and constantly kicking/pushing/stretching their feet into my cervix.    I felt the one on my left flip at just about 26 weeks, and the one on my right is towards the front so her little feet cross the other baby's head and it felt like her kicks are in my butt!    Last week, I had a shorter, less intense burst of movement and since then their movements have changed. I'm wondering if...
So, I haven't planned a hospital birth for 11 years. I do have a list of things to pack, but am wondering if I am forgetting anything. What do you plan to pack in your hospital bag?    If you are having a homebirth, please share what's on your list of items to gather.    I think its only helpful to be prepared for both, anyway. No matter where you are planning to birth, sometimes plans can change!
  That's really sweet. 
Less than 10 weeks til my due date, likely to go before. Holding out for 38 weeks! Which is like 7-ish weeks to go...   Since these aren't my babies, my to-do list before they come is a little different than the usual. But I'm definitely feeling the need to finish up some projects I started since I have no idea when I will get to them after I'm off bedrest. 
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