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The only thing I actually *want* to eat is strawberries...and I do. Like seriously, a quart a day.    If there are options presented, I can choose something, but I'm completely drawing a blank on what to eat!  Everyday, I try to eat eggs, cheese, nuts, peanut butter, yogurt, milk/cereal, greens (kale and/or handfuls of spinach) as a base. I also eat meat, just about every day (pastured chicken or grass fed beef).    I don't think I've been eating enough the...
Yes! I have five of my own kids and I'm 28 weeks with twins!    Just this last week I've started feeling like I do the last two weeks before I give birth. I'm hoping for a very minimum of 8 more weeks, preferably 10 and I'm starting to be concerned about how that will feel in my body. It seems like there is seriously about 6 pounds of baby in here already, and that should *at least* double going full term - yikes! 
I think it sounds lovely...to wear and be comfortable, and to see someone elses belly! Post pics.
  Aw, a smile. :) 
28 weeks with twin girls  
Nettles are great for iron. So are dark leafy greens and grass fed beef (if you eat meat). Molasses, too! Some moms mix it with a glass of milk. Also, cooking in cast iron helps a lot... 
You and Sebastian are still in my thoughts, Sheila.  Best to you, momma. 
  Your group and gathering sounds lovely, wrenmoon!  I agree...every birth should be honored. I had a traditional baby shower for my first, and a blessing for my last. I did take time to celebrate and honor each of the others in some way on my own and with my husband and the kids. 
Oh good! Looks like some interest. :)    Does everyone want to do beads?   I'm open to other options, but also feel as others have said - about decluttering, things to do, etc.    Another idea for something meaningful, could be notecards or simple pieces of paper with your favorite inspirational quote related to birth or an affirmation you resonate with. As simple or intricate as each person would like, cheap, easy to mail, can be made into a poster or hung...
I always smile when there's a new post in this thread. :)    wrenmoon, I love the "my view" kind of shots! I've done a couple of those through out this pregnancy...except the floors look like I'm on an incline to get my feet in there.    tenk, your belly is amazing! I can kind of see where your belly is normally, and then there's your baby belly! So cute! :) 
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