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The winter supply is about a quarter pound. Which is alot considering it is dried. I think it would last a few months. Kerri
Of course not. It does, however, show that polygamy isn't always the torture it's represented to me. And it also suggests that if it can work on earth, maybe it has a chance in heaven. We don't even know if it is what happens in heaven. I have no idea, but seeing this family I know has made me re-think things. Kerri
I mean people who choose to live in a 3-person marriage for lots of reasons. The one person I know personally is a woman who lives with a man and another woman. They share childcare, meals, etc. They are one household, but both women have a sexual relationship with the man. They all have children, and are not LDS or any other religion. They're just doing what works for them. Kerri
I'm talking about consenting adults because I know of people who choose to be part of 3-way marriages now and they're all very happy with the situation. And if it can work on earth, then I'm sure it's more likely to work in heaven where we have different priorities, understandings, etc. Don't get me wrong, I think the way it was handled in pioneer times left much to be desired. But I also think that's why it was done away with. Not many could handle it in our...
We don't really know if it's an eternal principle or not. It's assumed to be by many. If it is, I'm pretty okay with it. (But I'm weird in that I can see it wouldn't necessarily be a terrible life even on earth too.) Things can be done respectfully, and consenting adults can choose to do whatever they want. I have alot of faith that God knows how to work things out even when we can't understand how. Kerri
Take stock of what you have on hand. You must have stuff in your cupboards, etc.? Pull everything out so you have an idea of what you're starting with. I often feed everyone on about $50 when I have to, so it's not too hard. If you're meat eaters, then you could buy a big old package of ground beef for meatloaf, spaghetti, etc. Or eggs are healthy and cheap and versatile too. Buy whatever produce is seasonal and/or on sale. Milk, eggs, fruit, veges, potatoes, are...
OH my goodness! I just shopped all afternoon and now understand why people have problems with shopping. I had so much fun. I've never done that before where I actually buy things. I had a cart full of stuff from the mall and it was new and everything which is VERY RARE FOR US, but I got fabulous deals because everything was on clearance. I got two packages of 60 Pampers (which I never use except for very occasionally like if I have a babysitter or something) for...
Thanks for your questions. Makes me think things through more! I haven't encountered anything from a leader that made me question the gospel. I've had situations where I felt a personal opinion was wrong and took it higher. I've been lucky that I haven't had any major issues that would cause a church leader to question my worthiness, whether real or perceived. I've seen the way my father has been treated by others because he is wealthy. He was recently released...
I do all the bills and finances. I don't really give him an allowance, but he's good about not spending too. I spend 95% of our money and he just buys gas for his car and the occasional fast-food meal. It works for us! LOL. Kerri
You're right. And I'm not saying the church isn't a male-dominant religion, but it seems that in other places, even devout members have more of a PC or respectful view of things. Maybe progress is slow coming when everyone around you thinks the same way? Kerri
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