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Mine are 17months and still share a crib.  We used a travel sized pack-n-play as a bassinet until they outgrew it.  They slept in it the short way (they were so tiny) for a couple of months and then the long way for a few more months but I'd say they've been in the crib since together since they were 6mo.  They start out head to foot but they both flop around and all over eachother all night long.  They very seldom bother the other one though.
soy is very high in estrogen and affects your hormones.
My grandmother had 13 children, over 60 grandchildren and nearly 40 great grandchildren when she passed away.  A few months before she died one of my aunts asked her if you ever get over that desire to have another baby and even in her old age and all the babies that have been in her life, she never lost that desire to have another precious little baby in her arms.   I'm am struggling fiercely with the desire for another baby.  It nearly brings me to tears to see...
My husband just has to look at me and I'm pregnant :)
We homestead and have dairy cows, beef, hogs, chickens, etc...It's actually cheaper to raise it youself or buy from someone privately if you can't do it yourself  than it is to buy grocery store meat.  When you raise two hogs every 6 months you can have fresh pork in the freezer and sell the second one to cover butcher fees and the cost of raising 2 more.  We get $1.75/lb for our pork.
I am desperately wanting another baby but it is just not the right time for us.  We have 7 children - the oldest is 13 and the youngest are 14mo old twin girls.   We had a scare last month even though we have been careful so we are being especially careful now :)  Hoping by the time the twins are 2 we might consider it again.
I wore them both in the moby until they were about 4 months and then they were just too big.  After that I used a moby on my back and the ergo in a hip carry.
My twins were nearly the same weight as yours at my 34wk US.  The night before the US I could tell they were still head down.  I woke up that morning and my belly just felt weird and bigger in the wrong places.  I knew they had turned some time during the night.  Sure enough at my US they were both frank breech and by the time the US was over baby a was transverse across the bottom of my stomach.  I laid on an inversion table the next day for about 5 min just before I...
Mine measured right on at my first US at 9 weeks but later on the measured at a 5 day different in estimated gestational age.  When they were born they were only 1oz different in weight but 1 twin was 1" longer than the other.  If they are fraternal it is to be expected that they might differ slightly.  They are genetically different babies.  It could be more of a concern if they were identical and end up with TTTS.
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