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Today is DS' birthday and he chose In-n-Out for dinner!  
It would really depend on a lot of different factors, I can't make a blanket statement about how old is too old.  
My son used to say ah-go-pa-gi for pumpkin. He was really easy to understand and great at communicating, but for whatever reason that's what pumpkin was. My sister and I still call them that because it was so funny.  
Glazed salmon with vegetable rice.  
I always felt like I wasn't AP enough for Mothering lol. I'm not mainstream enough for other forums though.   DS plays video games and watches TV everyday. In fact, we all watch a ton of TV. My grandfather and dad both worked in television, so we aren't ever giving up TV. We occasionally eat fast food.  We started selectively vax-ing, but ended up fully vax-ing. Since DS is obsessed with Legos and Playmobil, we have SO many plastic toys. We don't eat organic...
So sorry you have to deal with that.  
I wouldn't be bothered at all. I gave it away, it is theirs to do what they want with it.  
We live in an apartment. We do bubbles and water table in our courtyard. We also take the balance bike out around the block. Any other outdoor play, we have to go to the park.  
Is your hair naturally straight or do you have some natural wave or curl?  
1) We celebrate MIL's birthday today 2) DS did "the robot" while listening to Kiss on vinyl 3) Had a very lazy Saturday with family and I feel great about it 4) I really need to organize the games for my sister's baby shower next weekend, but I am not looking forward to doing them at all 5) I bought myself fancy hair conditioner and hair gel today  
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