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Thank you so much for all the info! That is all very helpful! DH submitted his resume and a cover letter last night, so we will be anxiously waiting to hear from them.  
Thanks so much for all the info!
Meatball Soup and Garlic Rolls  
How easy is it to homeschool in WA state? We are planning on homeschooling, but may be relocating to WA. I wanted to have an idea of what to expect. Thanks!      
DH has found a great job opportunity in Lynnwood, WA. This would be a big move for us from San Diego. I've been to Seattle when I was in high school, I was visiting a cousin who lived in Federal Way and we spent a lot of time in the city itself, but DH has never been up there. Is this a nice place to live? Any advice or things we should know about the area? Thanks!  
I pulled some meatloaf patties that I had made a couple of weeks ago out of the freezer. Will probably make some baked potatoes and a salad to go with it.  
Mostly yes, I only correct people I feel comfortable with. I never do it in a rude or "know-it-all" way though, it's not about me being right and the other person being wrong. I just can't stand false information being perpetuated.   
We ate at this lovely little restaurant down the street from us called Carnitas Snack Shack. They serve all local food and it's so good!   
Tonight we are going out for Ruby's with MIL, it's one of her favorite places.  
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