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Pouch Pizzas and Caesar Salad  
I agree! The books they choose are excellent.  
I have never seen that much snow in my life. Wow! That is amazing.    
What this snow of which you speak? Born and raised in San Diego so I've only been in snow a handful of times in my life. It is SO beautiful though.  
Cleaned the bathroom, updated my phone which I haven't been able to do in months since our main computer's hard drive died, uploaded photos off the digital camera, cleaned out my email inbox, blogged, read a bit, and now dinner is in the oven. DS and I didn't do any "school" today though, he sounds a little congested and has been coughing, so I wanted him to take it easy and rest.  
Close with MIL and SFIL, but not FIL (who died a year ago) and SMIL. MIL and SFIL are really great people and have even become close with my parents and sister. My sister had even invited MIL, SFIL and the rest of MIL's family to her wedding because she likes them so much. FIL and SMIL are a whole other story, and I don't think they have ever liked me.  
When I voted I thought it meant the actual act, not everything associated with it like body parts, etc. DS knows what his body parts are called, but that's about it. I don't really feel a need to bring up anything more at this age, although we probably will talk about babies and pregnancy soon since DH and I are thinking about TTC sometime this year. If he starts asking then, we will tell him. My mom sat me down when I was about 12 and gave me "the talk." I can still...
No, I would not change the feedback. That's a lot of money held up for quite a few months, you essentially loaned her money free of interest for 5 months.
I was going to ask about her physical activity as well.
We go to the ILs on Christmas Eve and MIL has a large family so she puts out breads, cheeses, and cold cuts so people can just make their own sandwiches. It works out really well, especially for the kids, since we can eat whenever and just mingle and have fun.
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