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Sadly, DS never napped alone, I either had to be nursing or laying down next to him or both.  
I think it's both, in some ways we infantilize children and in other ways, like sexualizing, we are making them grow up too fast.  
I wouldn't beat yourself too much about Lego, it's a great engaging activity. I would be happy if my DC's biggest problem was too much Lego.  
Sorry about your pedi, but yay for a happy ending!  
Sorry it didn't work out.  
Baked chicken, roasted asparagus, and baked potatoes.  
My son also had to have a tooth pulled. He was put under though, so we explained that the dentist was going to put a mask on him and he would fall asleep. When he woke up, his mouth might hurt and his tooth would be gone. We also told him that when he got older another tooth would grow in its place. We were very matter of fact and didn't try and make it sound "nice," if that makes sense. I didn't want him to be scared, but I also wanted to make sure he knew exactly what...
She is totally old enough to clean that up herself. I would supervise so she doesn't end up playing with it instead.  
I would stop preparing 3 different meals to please everyone. If you don't mind everyone eating something different then have the children learn to prepare their own food.  
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