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My due date was 7/18/08. 7/4/08 I started having BH and a few days later I went in for an appointment and I was 3 cm, 90% effaced, and at 0 station. My MW told me I would probably go into labor that night or the next day. This went on until I had my son on 7/23/08!
Besides being 7:20 am, I would be fine with having people in my home right now. Only because I'm already expecting people today so the apartment is pretty tidy
Added to my to-read list.
In the beginning, all we really needed were diapers, clothes, wipes, nursing pads, and lansinoh. Seriously, all I did for the first 6 weeks was breastfeed, change diapers, and sleep.
No, no flames, but there is never a polite way to ask for money in lieu of gifts.
Praying for you.
If the diaper output and weight gain are good, I would think everything is ok. My only experience is overactive letdown and oversupply so I had a very different experience. Once I resolved those issues however, I rarely leaked.
Good luck. I could never get a good menu planning system down. I ended up subscribing to a menu planning site.
DH is a repairman for an apartment building, so he has been in situations like this before. Is it possible that they were knocking while you were in the shower and you didn't hear them?
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