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No, I think kids have always been nasty and mean. I can remember plenty of incidences from when I was growing up of kids doing horrible things. I think now, especially with the anti-bullying movement, it's just under a microscope.  
What do you mean by they said you have to start solids by 6 months? I have always heard that 6 months was the earliest you should start introducing solids, but not every baby is ready at 6 months.  
We gave DS egg yolk around 10 or 11 months.  
Yes, except for emergency situations.   
A few weeks after I entered the 2nd trimester.  
We have had struggles with teeth too. DS needed his first dental surgery at 2 and had another this year. His front teeth are all capped, he has 2 crowns, and has had to have 1 tooth extracted. I was devastated. We BF for 3.5 years, he doesn't drink juice, not a lot of junk, overall, pretty healthy diet. We found a great pediatric dentist who knew it wasn't diet related because only his top teeth are like this, the bottom teeth are prefect. He said that DS had...
DS recently had a big growth spurt so we've been going through all of his outgrown clothes. Normally, I donate all our old clothes, but I just wasn't sure what to do with DS' outgrown underwear. I felt weird donating it, but I felt wasteful throwing it away. I don't know if this makes a difference, but this was the underwear DS potty learned in so they have seen many an accident. However, they were clean and stain free. What should I do with it?
We had a bucket seat so that we could also use the stroller. I walk almost everyday, between 2-5 miles, and the stroller really helped with that.  
If I can tell DS is just asking questions to put off doing what has been asked, then I just tell him that he knows what I have asked him to do. I don't engage him after that.  
In that context, I would take that to mean that it doesn't matter whether you feel like an orphan or not, we all have to live our own life anyway.  
New Posts  All Forums: