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Turkey and Quinoa Meatloaf and Asparagus with Herb Butter  
Pizzas and salad  
Hyper sexual? Ummm no.  
I wouldn't want to stay there at all!
Pulled some homemade Italian wedding soup out the freezer for tonight. Might send DH to the store for fresh bread to eat with it.  
Are you going to a pedi dentist or a regular dentist? Our pedi dentist didn't even look at his mouth at the first visit. It was basically a tour of the office, explaining how everything worked, getting to know each other visit. We then made a cleaning appt a few days after that. Our pedi dentist is really big on making the child feel comfortable and not scaring him. There have been times when I've had to hold DS down in order for the dentist to work on his teeth, but DS...
Pretty much nothing today. DS, who is sick, wanted to cuddle in bed this morning, so we both ended up falling back asleep and slept until 11! Spent most of the day lounging with him on the couch. Poor thing is just feeling awful and didn't want me to leave his side.  
No way!  
DH did not feel comfortable bed sharing, so for the first few weeks it was just baby and I in bed, then we got a snuggle nest to ease DH mind. No siblings so I can't answer to that. DS was born in the summer so we didn't have to worry about the comforter until winter and even then, we are in San Diego so we just wore warmer PJs to bed.  
Congratulations Smokering!   Well, we all were supposed to go to a baby shower today, but DS is sick so we stayed home all day, but I got tons done! Picked up the entire house, did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the bathroom, planned dinners for the week, uploaded photos from my camera, went through my email, blogged, read, and played Wii with DH and DS.  
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