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I think early reading can be a sign of giftedness, but doesn't mean that if a child doesn't read early that they can't be gifted. I can tell you that my dd who is highly gifted (WISC-IV fsiq 149) was sounding out words (even attempting complicated words like chiropractor) and spelling simple CVC words between 2 and 3 years of age. This was all self-taught.
YES! I could have written your post word for word! We received quite the shock when we got our 7 yo dd's results.    Unfortunately, she prefers to fly under the radar at school and does the bare minimum to get by. She isn't one of those kids you would be able to pick out in the classroom and just know they are gifted, if ywim. Her Perceptual Reasoning Index was >99.9th percentile and yet she doesn't even really care for math. She prefers reading and writing...
  I agree. My 9 yo is dyslexic and also scored average on an IQ test but aside from her difficulties in school related to her dyslexia she is far from average. It's also unlikely that she is average in IQ because my younger dd is profoundly gifted and statistically it is rare to have such a large gap in scores between siblings. So I chalk it up to older dd just not being a good tester and possibly that her dyslexia, difficulties with directionality, and poor receptive...
Your kid is 2 yo, that's way too young for playdates without parental supervision. Add to that the neighbor kid is MUCH older than your 2 year old and just makes playdates at his house not an option at this point. This isn't even broaching the subject of the differences in parenting style you have.
I'm thinking of getting my dd9 a sitting disc to help her focus in school. Would the exercise ones at walmart or sporting goods store work? Or should get the one that is online sold for the purpose for kids to sit on?
Not sure if you noticed, but stormbride lives in Vancouver which is rather far from Illinois.Stormbride, glad to hear things are going well for you!
  I can understand this. My 6 yo was EXTREMELY shy up until last year. She wouldn't talk to strangers or look them in the eye when they talked to her. She wouldn't let her preschool teacher touch her (i.e. put a loving arm around her while helping her with something). And when we went to visit family for 2 months she wouldn't let anybody hug her or hold her despite the fact they were family and we saw them everyday. Most wouldn't understand that but I did. B/c outside of...
My dd started kindergarten this year and it's all day (8:30 to 4pm). Personally, I think it's too long of a day for kids that age but we didn't really have a choice.  The first 3 months were hard though as she was very exhausted by the end of the day but she has adjusted and for the most part she is happy. She does complain a lot that she is bored but that's another can of worms. ;)   ETA: for the first half of the year they had a 'quiet time' where they could just...
Ok, that's what I thought (1st grade level). Her kindie class doesn't do any math so I have no clue what she should be learning and if she is on track or ahead.
What grade would a child be expected to know the doubles +/- 1 rule to add in their head? My kindergartner daughter figured this out on her own without any explanation to do math problems in her head and I was just curious what level this skill would be considered.
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