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If you don't want anymore and he wnts to rule it out, I'd wait till at least 34 wks to have one.
My kids will be here this time, the girls want to be there, they are 3 and 5. The boys will probably stay upstairs if they're awake and just come down after. They're not wanting to be there.
I'd love the info! Are you on fb? Can you make an event or something for me to share?
We have a mama who just had a baby who was looking at starting an API group here in Omaha though.
I would do the zoo most definitely! The IMAX has a movie on caves right now, tornados, and born to be wild (animals). There's the Durham Western Heritage Museum. My oldest loves it there. It's history based, history of NE and the US expanding west. I think it would be a great home school trip! There's the wildlife safari too and the SAC museum.
I'm in Omaha so I'm no help, but if you're on facebook you can try ICAN Lincoln's fb page or maybe even call Doulas Source or Circle Me.
Are you on doulamatch?
My husband wanted to circ and I told him too bad.It may be our child but it's my job to protect my child. He may not resent his parents for the choice that was made for him, but you can't guarantee your child won't resent you for taking that choice away from him. My girls look nothing like me, they have blonde hair and blue eyes, I have neither but I'm not about to make them wear brown contacts and dye their hair so they look like me. Everyone sees we look nothing alike,...
Katie covered about everything I was going to, lol. We see. Dr. W as well. Homebirths aren't huge and encouraged here but they can be done. I attended one this weekend in IA, amazing!
My nursing is the main reason I don't take UCs, I can't risk that. I will attend homebirths assuming they are having a MW and we have talked about what will happen if mom progresses too fast. I have a hb on my books for August and the plan is to call the ambulance if MW doesn't look like she'll make it (MW is hours away). There is no conflict IMO if you at least call the ambulance for support. You will still use your training in the mean time but you want to make sure...
New Posts  All Forums: