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I was 3 cm for nearly two entire days. I was 2cm before the onset of labour, ctx started at 7 pm saturday. Was checked Sunday afternoon - 3 cm, Checked at 3 am on Monday morning- 3 cm. Threw a shitfit from being exhausted and angsty Monday around lunchtime and flew from 3 cm to complete in 5 hours.    I was ready to give in. Monday at lunchtime, after 36 hours of labour, I was tired and ready to transfer. I called my midwife one last time to come check me and see...
  Ok, here's the full meal deal, complete with photobomb   On Friday, December 9, I was supposed to go to my November group’s “Meet the Babies” party. I was a bit of a poor sport, and decidd to make myself a private appointment with my midwife, Noreen instead. I knew that seeing the other moms with their new babies would put me spiraling into a hissy fit since I, 41 weeks and 6 days pregnant, did not yet *have* a baby.   I was checked and found to be 2-3 cm on...
Thanks for the tips. I will keep that in mind for sure!
Jaimee, I was just reading your birth story and noticed how similarly things are starting to play out.    I'm thinking I need to spend more time at the pool to try and get baby's head UP for a bit so that cervix canmove. Belly lifts with a rebozo, too.
I've been doing cohosh, sex, nipple stim, verbena tea, walking, flower essences, talking to the baby, swimming. Everything. I guess she is just not ready.   My mw tried to do a sweep on sunday and my internal os is still closed, and I'm 2-3 on the outside. Baby is at +2, which sounds awesome, but because my cervix is still posterior, her head is actually in front of it, not on top of it. I've been having regular, uncomfortable contractions for 2-3 weeks now, but...
I'm 41+6 today, and getting very anxious. Anyone else still with me, or does the cheese stand alone?
I'm emotionally unstable, rude and uncomfortable, if I'm allowed to be honest. LOL
I've been avoiding. I'm still pregnant, too (41+ weeks). Regular contractions every night for a week that go away when I go to bed.    I haven't had a vag exam so I have no idea if I'm dilated, and I cant reach my cervix to check myself. I've not had a shred of mucus lost yet. 
Becky, I'm a little concerned about the colouring in his face. He looks very dusky. I think it might be prudent to have him examined to make sure his O2 sats are okay. It might be the photo quality, but he looks alarmingly purple on my monitor
Yes, we do Vitamin k (Injectable)
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