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yes. My pants won't stay up and my shirts won't stay down. 
29 weeks
My LO is still unstable, between breech and transverse. I have a bicornuate uterus, though, so it is important for me to get her head down sooner rather than later, as she'll have less room to turn 
26 weeks
Love the arrow, so clever :)   23 weeks and some days:
JBK- when it comes to c-sections, many times the hospital policies will supersede your wishes. I ended up with a c-section and all of my requests in my birth plan regarding surgical birth were denied- my hands were restrained, the screen was not lowered and I was not able to have baby with me in recovery- she was admitted straight to NICU for unknown reasons .   As for suturing, recent studies show that the type of sutures used are more important than the type of...
I'm not writing a birth plan. I wrote one three pages long with my daughter, and I think it set me up for a lot of disappointment come birth time. Some things can be planned, birth just isn't one of them.    That being said, as a doula, I have my clients write out their "preferences" and I have them keep it to 3-5 main points, and most importantly, to discuss your wishes and preferences with your OB or MW. Find out what their standing orders are, and what the...
Welcome and congrats! I'm in Edmonton too :)
We've coslept with DD (21 months) since birth. Well, since three days after her birth since you are not permitted to co-sleep in the hospital she was born at. She still sleeps with us in a twin bed side-carred to our queen. Our newb will sleep with us as well.
22 weeks.    .  
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