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Mama, I didn't want my first to be a girl, I NEEDED her to be a girl. Lucky for me, that's what she turned out to be, but I can honeslty say had she been a boy, I would have been crushed.      This time around, I am still hoping for another girl. I wasn't going to find out, but we changed our minds. I need to know so if baby is a boy, I have time to process, accept and get excited.
We only have one nephew, my DH's brother's son. BIL is a loser through and through, in jail right now, actually.  My IL's end up with the little one who is now 5 a lot of the time, as his mom works shifts.   Anyway... I don't know if it's just a 5 year old thing, and I don't know because my children are toddler and unborn, but O..M...G.. we just can't stand him. he's obnoxious, and he's rude, and he's impatient, and he's noisy, and he's ill behaved 99% of the...
My daughter will remain unvaccinated until I feel it is safe to do so, and even then very selectively, if at all.
oops, double post
This.   /crawls back under rock.  
Just my $0.02   I left MDC when the forum formats changed. I found it difficult to navigate and posting became a chore. I came back recently to join a DDC and I see that all hell has broken loose.     I definitely miss the old MDC, where we were respectful of each other (even if we didn't want to be), spoke like civilized, grown adults and had a sense of "community". I don't feel any of that here now.    
Can we get an update, mama? Thinking about you <3
My inny was super deep too before I got pregnant with Lyra. It never went back to being that deep. I liked when it popped out because I could give it a really good deep cleaning ;)
I've tried all sorts of toys, and honestly, the things that keep my daughter entertained the longest are my wallet and a half-empty water bottle (She likes to shake it)
my 20 month old won't wear anything BUT Robeez. I dread the day we can't get them big enough anymore because she out right pitches a fit if we try to put on anything with any sort of structure to it. 
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